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Blarney Stone


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Vanavond naar Blarney Stone in Amsterdam? Helaas heeft deze Amsterdam zich nog niet aangemeld bij Cityhero. Wij kunnen u daarom niet op de hoogte brengen van de muziekstijlen, prijzen en dranken van Blarney Stone.

Mocht u nou vanavond kiezen om Blarney Stone te bezoeken, schroom dan niet om Blarney Stone op de hoogte te brengen van Cityhero.

Ben B

This is by far our favourite place to sit and chill when we visit Amsterdam. We usually hang out there everyday for a few hours. Excellent staff, vibe and music! We love to spend time in the bullsh*t corner and enjoying the passersby. We look forward to our next visit. See you again soon Blarney Stone!

John Rikard Vikan

Met up with a friend and has a wonderful time. The entertainment was topped by an English hen party where one of the participants flew down the stairs from the mezzanine and only survived as she was too drunk to understand how much it must have hurt. Party on!

Umar Yusufu

The crew... Are the most magnificently beautiful pirates on the low seas! ?If you miss this off your stop then regret at your leisure. Make this your first stop. Not your last punk around Amsterdam like a Yahoo. Don't do it here. The vibe is chilled the beers are great the staff are awesome. Start your exploration from here. The crowd is mid-late 20's to 50-60. Super friendly if you're travelling alone a must stop. Big groups or lads get there sober or don't go it's not for you. The music is great. It's my kind of place. I loved it. But remember it's a family business. Not a chain. I'll be back for sure. ?

Prajan talwar

Amazing place. Absolutely true to it's claim as an Irish pub. Rustic as ever. What is most adorable about this place is the owners dog, McJagger ?. The sight of the dog is what got me to step in in the first place. The food options are limited but tasty. True Irish beer. The staff are simply amazing and friendly. All in all, a great place to enjoy a beer while staying away from the loud places of Amsterdam.

chris davies

Drinks were good, upstairs seating was great... but a toilet with no seat, the handwash bottle stored on the back of the toilet rim and no dryers, but a dirty towel on a hanger in it's place?? Surely you earn enough to have a decent toilet in the place??

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