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The Three Sisters


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Vanavond naar The Three Sisters in Amsterdam? Helaas heeft deze Amsterdam zich nog niet aangemeld bij Cityhero. Wij kunnen u daarom niet op de hoogte brengen van de muziekstijlen, prijzen en dranken van The Three Sisters.

Mocht u nou vanavond kiezen om The Three Sisters te bezoeken, schroom dan niet om The Three Sisters op de hoogte te brengen van Cityhero.

john groenendijk

Nice friendly service and nice and clean decor on the inside! Staff was super attentive. I really recommend this bar to anyone, be it a local or tourist.

Kinza Taylor

Decor, food drink all very nice. Lots of tv's showing different sports. Ask and will change the channel for you. Watched British GP fantastic

Wendy K

It was really nice and cosy at night on the terrace outside . it was cold but we didnt feel it since they had heaters. really friendly staff!

סטייסי מטולה

Decor and set-up is excellent. The staff are friendly not forgetting how delicious the food is. Good hangout

Anas AL-Ghamdi

I remember goin’ there two years ago it was morning i ordered English breakfast after 40 minutes i wondered why it’s taking so long the waiter said “sorry we forgot to write down your order” when I respectfully complained The waiter said “im too busy i don’t have time for your complains and if you continue complaining I’m not taking your order” I went to talk to the manager about this incredible rudeness and unprofessionalism It turned out the manger even worst than the waiter, she said “the waiter told me what happened and i think you were rude ??‍♂️” I’ve been all over the world never met such rude people in my life.

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