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Drinkers pub


Kerkstraat 11

Vanavond naar Drinkers pub in Eindhoven? Helaas heeft deze Eindhoven zich nog niet aangemeld bij Cityhero. Wij kunnen u daarom niet op de hoogte brengen van de muziekstijlen, prijzen en dranken van Drinkers pub.

Mocht u nou vanavond kiezen om Drinkers pub te bezoeken, schroom dan niet om Drinkers pub op de hoogte te brengen van Cityhero.

Stefano Agresti

Very good place, the selection is great and there are many table top games to choose from for a great time. I don't really love the type of seating (high chairs) tho, even if I understand that it is like that to save space.

Tony Stark

Amazing place to come and try new styles of beer! Over 800 beers on the menu in all styles and variations. Atmosphere is nice and there are a lot of seats!

Hubert Błach

Good beer selection, especially bottles.

Emilio Maldonado

The beer selection is very impressive, but large enough that it can be annoying if you want something in particular. The staff is very helpful in giving recommendations, but they tend to always be in a hurry given how popular the place is. The music is a bit too loud, and there is no proper sound design, so if the place is packed it can get very loud just from the sound of the patrons alone. Also, it's way too dark and moody. You'd think it's a vampire's den with a great beer selection.

Tim Geronimo Wagner

Huge selection of beers with really cool looking bottles as well. The sofas are the best place you can get imo. Really cozy atmosphere. It might take some time for the barkeepers to notice you though.

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