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Café Friends BackStage


Langestraat 62

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Telefoonnummer: 534305435

Paul Christenhusz

Very nice mixed people Bar!!! Friendly staff, excellent Belgian Jupiler Lager and much more. A very creative terrace in Corona Tme in the historic Enschede @Enske

wouter Koning

A great pub with an incredibly friendly owner. Always a great atmosphere going on, and good prices. Definitely a recommendation.

Fariel Soeleiman

Not too crowded; enough area to get some fresh air. Fun ways to get drinks (spinning wheel game on the wall). Good music.

Stefan Beumer

Discriminating staff! Had a great Saturday night out with mates, decided to have a drink in this bar. When my both mates went off for the toilet, and left me alone for a few moments at the bar, I was escorted out by the bouncer. Reason told to the bouncer was that the bartender found I was intoxicated. I was completely sober, I was the designated driver that evening, and had a glass of water in my hand. Had a small chat with the bouncer outside, even he was surprised and had to ask the bartender twice if he meant me. Story goes that if you don’t fit the public, age, hairstyle, colour of your shirt, shoe-size, they will kick you out.

Kroin CR

great place, had an lovely evening

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