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Moeke Enschede


Oude Markt 8

Vanavond naar Moeke Enschede in Enschede? Helaas heeft deze Enschede zich nog niet aangemeld bij Cityhero. Wij kunnen u daarom niet op de hoogte brengen van de muziekstijlen, prijzen en dranken van Moeke Enschede.

Mocht u nou vanavond kiezen om Moeke Enschede te bezoeken, schroom dan niet om Moeke Enschede op de hoogte te brengen van Cityhero.

Rodolfo Silva

Friendly staff, good food, nice terrace.

Anna Arens

Super cozy inside, especially on a dreary and windy winter's afternoon. They have delicious hot cacao, coffee and cakes, but their hearty menu is also excellent. So far everything has been delicious here. They also have good vegetarian options to choose from. Great for a snack, dinner, or groups. They also have games available, in cubbies under the staircase. Down to earth and friendly staff, very welcoming.

Luis Etienne

Service was good, food was also really nice. On the down side, music was a little bit too loud, it was also a weird playlist where at one moment you'll be listening to Queen, the following song would be Christina Aguilera, then Country, later on a ballad and so on. I ordered the White Chocolate Cheesecake for dessert and it was really good, the main dish was also nice but the amount was not quite enough, at least not for me, before ordering I asked the waitress if the ribs were a big portion and she said yes so I ordered, but when they arrived I was a little bit disappointed with the recommendation. To drink I had a Gin tonic and I can't complaint, it was good.

Brigitta Mikolai

Their drinks and snacks are tasty and you can ask your coffee with soy milk! Can't wait for that to be available with hot chocolate, too.

Eryl Kuro

Nice place,the food was delicious too.

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