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Mad Mick's Breakaway


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Vanavond naar Mad Mick's Breakaway in Rotterdam? Helaas heeft deze Rotterdam zich nog niet aangemeld bij Cityhero. Wij kunnen u daarom niet op de hoogte brengen van de muziekstijlen, prijzen en dranken van Mad Mick's Breakaway.

Mocht u nou vanavond kiezen om Mad Mick's Breakaway te bezoeken, schroom dan niet om Mad Mick's Breakaway op de hoogte te brengen van Cityhero.

Julian St Clair-gribble

Without question my favourite bar in Europe. Warm, friendly and knowledgable staff and a great range of drinks and entertainment. They've even Covid proofed excellently leading to a chilled but safe environment to really enjoy your time. A must if you are ever in rotterdam. Remember to tip well in these difficult times, the staff certainly deserve it!

Kitty Lee

I say good service But I think the staff guarding the entrance is not okay. Because there are no people in the shop but told the table is full Even though we go regularly I think it should be improved or replaced by a more polite doorman.

Koen Hendriks

Went here last Friday with some friends. The waitress at the entrance said it was busy so we had to sit outside and wait for service to come and take our order. We were patiently waiting outside, spotted multiple waitresses pass us yet not one took our order. After about 30 minutes of waiting we decided that this place is not worth our time and well earned money. EDIT: we had a table outside that was not the issue. we weren't getting served which is the issue.

Kino Haitsma

My wife and I had cocktails at Mad Mick's Breakaway. We ordered two Long Island Iced Teas and four Caipirinhas, and paid 42 euros. The cocktails were advertised on the menu as "strong", but we tasted no alcohol, felt no buzz at all. We complained to the waiter, who was very friendly and assured us there was indeed alcohol in the cocktails. Why do bars need to rip off people?

Moe Hos

Excellent bar and nice place very busy with people,must come and see this place when its busy!

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